Our Services

Columbia City Dental is a new, modern dental office in the heart of Columbia City. Our commitment is to provide the best dental care while keeping it convenient and affordable.

We Offer:

Kid's Dentistry

Dr. Meghan Crawford and her staff at Columbia City Dental love taking care of kids and their teeth! We’re here to make your child’s early experiences at the dentist’s office pleasant and set them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

Smile Enhancements

Do you thumb through a magazine and wonder how is it all those people were born with such gorgeous teeth? In fact, they weren’t. Very few people are born with perfectly straight, even and brilliantly white teeth. Most of us have things we’d like to change about our smile – from accidents, decay, or just our genes.

Reduce Anxiety

Does the idea of making an appointment, even for something as simple as a cleaning, cause you tremendous fear and distress? You are not alone. While 80% of people are somewhat afraid of going to the dentist, about 10 percent of the population has dental phobia. Fears and phobias lead to an unfortunate cycle of putting off treatment until there is pain, which only reinforces the fear. Sometimes the hardest step is just getting to that first appointment.

Whitening for Life

Have the things you enjoy in life – coffee, tea, and red wine – made your smile dingy? Whitening your teeth is simple, pain-free and has a significant impact on the smile you show the world. No need to give up your daily latte.


Injuries that involve permanent teeth can have long lasting cosmetic, economic, functional and psycho-social consequences. Thankfully, with our Save-A-Tooth kit, and a little additional knowledge, the success of re-implanting a knocked out tooth increases exponentially.