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Injuries that involve permanent teeth can have long lasting cosmetic, economic, functional and psycho-social consequences. Thankfully, with our Save-A-Tooth kit, and a little additional knowledge, the success of re-implanting a knocked out tooth increases exponentially.

Successful replacement of a lost tooth is close to 90% if you quickly follow these simple steps:

    1. Get the tooth re-implanted ASAP! The ideal time is within 15 minutes. If the tooth is clean, pick the tooth up by the crown and push it back into the socket. Never touch the root of the tooth or scrub the tooth before replacing it in the socket. Then contact our practice immediately.
    2. If you are unable to place the tooth back in the socket, get out your Save-A-Tooth kit and place the tooth in the Optimal Storage Environment (OSE) solution. The O.S.E. can maintain the vitality of the tooth for up to 24 hours and is by far the most effective way to store the tooth. But if you don’t have access to your O.S.E. kit, at minimum, wrap the tooth in a clean cloth and contact our practice right away.

Suspect a broken or chipped tooth?

Do you have tooth sensitivity or avoid chewing on one side due to tooth pain? You may have a cracked or broken tooth from an accident, chewing hard food, or grinding your teeth. We can help determine if you have a small crack or a broken tooth and decide on the appropriate treatment. If it is caught in an earlier stage, less work will be needed in the future.

Lost Filling or Crown?

Losing a filling or crown is rarely an emergency, but it can be painful. For a quick fix while scheduling your dental appointment, you may be able to slip the crown back over the tooth. It can also be temporarily held in place with a small amount of tooth “cement” or dental adhesive, purchased at the pharmacy. If the crown won’t stay on, put it in a safe place and take it with you to your dental appointment. If the crown can’t be located, a small amount of dental cement over the exposed tooth can help seal the exposed area until you’re able to come in for your appointment.


Many recreational and organized sports activities are high risk for dental injuries. Some of the best injury prevention accessories are helmets, face guards/face shields and mouth guards. Many tooth injuries can be prevented and repaired with regular dental care, meaning knocked out, cracked, or lost teeth don’t have to be the end of a healthy smile.

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