Dr. Meghan Crawford | Seattle, WA | Reduce Anxiety

Does the idea of making an appointment, even for something as simple as a cleaning, cause you tremendous fear and distress? You are not alone. While 80% of people are somewhat afraid of going to the dentist, about 10 percent of the population has dental phobia. Fears and phobias lead to an unfortunate cycle of putting off treatment until there is pain, which only reinforces the fear. Sometimes the hardest step is just getting to that first appointment.

Let Columbia City Dental help ease you through your anxiety and your procedure. We understand what you are going through and there is no judgment here. You set the pace - we can go as fast or slow as you are comfortable. We also have aids to help those that need medical assistance to reduce their fear.

We offer nitrous oxide, a gas, which you inhale to relax. The beauty of nitrous is it takes the edge off but has no lasting effects after your appointment. Also, it can be adjusted to just the right level for you. For those requiring a stronger relaxant, we can also do treatment with oral sedation. You can take your prescription before coming to the office and have a family member or friend accompany you.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to dental anxiety but we will find what works for you. Call us today and make toothaches and fear a thing of the past. Columbia City Dental is here and ready to help you!

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